100 Things to Track in your Habit Tracker for 2021

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Posted On January 13, 2021

What Habit Can You Track?

When I was creating my own list, some things seemed obvious, and others less so.
That’s why I wanted to share a list to help and inspire you to create your personalized habit tracker.

If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to read my complete guide about How to Build an Habits.

You can put so many things in your habit tracker or in your bullet journal to help you stay on the right path toward your goals. Here are 100 different ideas to get you started.

I have also created a printable template of a habit tracker that you can download for free here.


100 Ideas to Track in Your Journal Bullet

Mental Health

  1. Read 10 pages of a book or a whole chapter
  2. Cardiac Coherence Exercise / Breath exercise
  3. Pray
  4. Write in your journal.
  5. Write 3 positive things about your day
  6. Prendre du temps pour soi
  7. Repeat your affirmations
  8. No screens one hour before sleep
  9. Read the Bible or other spirituality books
  10. A cold shower

Physical Health

  1. Stretch
  2. Yoga
  3. Fitness
  4. Drink enough water
  5. No soda
  6. Take a walk in nature
  7. Walk 10 000 steps in a day
  8. No alcohol
  9. No smoking
  10. Eat healthy foods
  11. Take vitamins/medicine
  12. Sleep enough
  13. Floss teech
  14. Period tracker

Social Media

  1. Post a blog post
  2. Write a blog post
  3. Post on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter
  4. Plan your next posts in advance
  5. Pinned posts to Pinterest
  6. Make a video on youtube
  7. Make stories for Instagram
  8. Answer to comments or private messages


  1. Work on your project
  2. Read your emails
  3. Respond to work email
  4. Contact potential professional partner
  5. Make a podcast
  6. Send your newsletter
  7. Tidy your workspace
  8. Make your plan for today
  9. Clear Inbox
  10. Backup your work


  1. Make a to-do list
  2. Plan your day the night before
  3. Prioritizing tasks
  4. Wake up early
  5. Get into bed early
  6. Review your goals for the day/week/month
  7. Tidy workspace
  8. Tracking your progress
  9. Limit time on social media
  10. Read articles about your area of expertise
  11. Completed your habits tracker

Social Life

  1. Prepare a good breakfast
  2. Tell your wife/husband I love you
  3. Call parents
  4. Spend quality time with your kids
  5. Keep in touch with friends
  6. Connect with someone new
  7. Do a random act of kindness
  8. Talk to a stranger
  9. Compliment someone
  10. No gossiping
  11. Volunteer work
  12. Eat at a restaurant


  1. Make your bed
  2. Wash dishes
  3. Water Plants
  4. Tidy the house
  5. Work in your garden
  6. Vacuum
  7. Put clothes away
  8. Laundry
  9. Mopped the floor


  1. Drawing or Painting
  2. Dance/Listen to music
  3. Learning a musical instrument
  4. Take time for your passions
  5. Take time just for you
  6. Take a photo
  7. Cook something new
  8. Learning a new language
  9. Do something for the first time
  10. Learn something on a subject you are interested
  11. Watch a TED Talks conference
  12. Listen to a podcast
  13. Plan a travel
  14. Watching a movie
  15. Play with your pet
  16. Video game session


  1. Check your budget
  2. Plan your monthly budget
  3. Spend less than a daily budget
  4. Paid the bills
  5. Save 10/15% of paycheck
  6. Homemade dinner
  7. No spend day
  8. Answer to comments or private messages
  9. Selling something on ebay
  10. Label all monthly professional fees


If you’re looking for more inspiration to help you get ready to change your life, you can follow me on my socials network there is a ton of free content for you.

Take care and happy changing my friends.


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Written by Cédric Potard

I'm Cédric Potard, founder and author of this website and former 3D artist in the videogame industry. You can connect with me on my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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